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All 3B Scientific heart models detail the ventricles, atria, valves, veins and the aorta and are the perfect addition in the classroom or for patient education.  3B Scientific's Classic Heart is highly detailed at a price you'll love while the NEW 5-Part Heart Model details the heart like never before with features such as a representation of the heart during diastole and systole. The Conducting System Heart is especially unique with its transparency to easily explain the physiology of the heart. If you need a heart to explain heart conditions, try the Classic Heart with Bypass or the Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Heart. Be sure to check out the World's Largest Heart which is especially suited for lecture halls or to steal the lime-light in an exhibit hall!
Giant Heart, 8 times life size,VD250

Giant Heart, 8 times life size

$ 7,059.00
Item: VD250 [1001244]

Heart Model,1019529

Heart Model

$ 81.00
Item: 1019529

3-Mini Heart Model Set,1019530

3-Mini Heart Model Set

$ 110.55
Item: 1019530

Artery Model,1019531

Artery Model

$ 67.00
Item: 1019531

Artery sections (4) (oversized) - with Handle,1019532

Artery sections (4) (oversized) - with Handle

$ 54.00
Item: 1019532