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Siamese Twins Remain a Mystery 2015 May 20

Conjoined Twins Conjoined twins, also known as “Siamese twins”, are largely a mystery to the medical profession, however, advancements in medicine and surgical procedures are slowly resulting in miracles for families where successful separation can take place and the once-joined twins can go on to lead ... more

Why Is Gout On The Increase? 2015 May 15

Gout is often thought of as the preserve of old men who are a little too fond of drinking red wine and indulging in rich foods. Great Britain’s, King Henry VIII (1491-1547) was reported to have suffered from severe Gout. His lifestyle did nothing to diminish the idea that sufferers were ailing due to ... more

The International Year of Light - Will You Become a LLLT Practitioner? 2015 May 08

“Light-based technology has and will continue to reshape how we diagnose, treat and prevent clinic conditions in medicine, dentistry and veterinarian specialties. It is very important that the world be informed of the major advancements that have taken place in the clinical arena over the last 1,000 ... more