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Vocal Cord Grown .. And It Can Talk! 2016 Feb 05

Have you Ever Spoken Without Thinking? When you next say, “I spoke without thinking” consider that this has a dual meaning as speaking is, more often than not, something we do without giving any thought as to how our body allows us to make the desired sounds in order to talk and communicate. From first ... more

Medical and Health Education for Kids 2016 Feb 02

In the US, every year, roughly 50,000 hopeful students, in roughly equal numbers, male and female, apply to get into med-school, according to AAMC statistics*. However, just over 20,000 actually start the first year. Despite successful entrance to med-school increasing by almost 22% in the last 20 years ... more

The Changing Face of Transplant Surgery 2016 Jan 29

2015 marked ten years since the first-ever human facial transplant surgery took place, in France, in November 2005. Isabelle Dinoire was badly mauled by her dog and underwent a partial facial transplant of the nose and mouth. Whilst this event was deemed a milestone for transplant surgery, ten years ... more