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Regenerative Medicine - Is The Wait Nearly Over? 2016 Nov 28

It sounds like something out of science fiction – being able to grow new body parts to replace one which has failed or been damaged in an accident. Medical Science has taken enormous steps since the first organ transplant took place in 1954, and now the main advances in medicine appear to be connected ... more

Loading... The Human Conscience 2016 Nov 15

It sounds like the plot of a science fiction movie; a maverick scientific genius finds a way to save his brain and is able to live forever. Recent advances in technology mean that the idea of “uploading” the parts of a human brain which determine our personality and contain our memories might not be ... more

Could We Be Headed for a Helium Shortage - And Should We Care? 2016 Oct 04

Helium is one of the gases we’re most familiar with – who hasn’t played with a helium party balloon or sucked helium into their mouths to make their voices high pitched? The problem is that helium is a finite resource and, some scientists are worried that if we waste all of our helium on parties, there ... more