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Driven by Sunshine – What’s the Future for Solar Transport? 2015 Jul 30

With daily news on declining oil reserves, shrinking rainforests from deforestation, not to mention the effect burning fossil fuels continues to have on the health of our planet, putting the magnificent energy source shining above us to good use, seems worthy of exploration. Solely by Solar That’s exactly ... more

Where's the Fun in Physics? 2015 Jul 28

“In science there is only physics – the rest is just stamp collecting” Lord Kelvin It is an interesting concept, “fun physics”. After all, physics has a reputation for hard math, a complexity of equations, extensive analysis of a hypothesis and typically a crazy haired teacher scribbling on a blackboard ... more

How Are Memories Made & Stored? 2015 Jul 10

What exactly is a memory and how do they manifest inside our brains? Which part/s of our brain are responsible for making memories? And how does our brain know how to associate the fragrance of a perfume, the sight of waves crashing against a shoreline, or that song from the 1980s with a memory that ... more