Interferometer, 1002651 [U10350], Interferometer
Interferometer, 1002651 [U10350], Interferometer
Interferometer, 1002651 [U10350], Interferometer
Interferometer, 1002651 [U10350], Interferometer
This complete equipment set comprises high-grade optical components mounted on a heavy, rigid base plate for precise and reproducible measurements. The large optical components permit a generation of clear and well-defined interference patterns in daylight. The reflective observation screen has an adjustable inclination. Pre-defined component positions allow quick rearrangement to ensure extremely rapid preparation for the various experiments.

Experiment topics:
  • Michelson interferometer
  • Fabry-Perot interferometer
  • Determination of the refractive index of glass*
  • Determination of the refractive index of air*
  • Twyman-Green test for optical components (qualitative)*
*U10351 accessory set required

  • Stable plastic box for storing the mounted and adjusted interferometer
  • Beam splitter: diameter 40 mm, evenness λ/10 (front side), λ/4 (rear side)
  • Surface-coated mirror: dimensions 40x40 mm², evenness <λ/2, eccentric reduction approx. 1:1000 (individual calibration specified on eccentric base)
  • Base plate: weight 5.5 kg, dimensions: 245x330x25 mm³


$ 1,230.00

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$ 5,027.00
Item No.: 1002651 [U10350]
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Product Information
Weight 20.39 lb
Dimensions 16.2 x 15.4 x 11.1 in
Brand 3B Scientific
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