Intro to Obstetrics Lab Pro Kit

Intro to Obstetrics Lab Pro Kit

$ 4,162.00

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The Obstetrics Lab Kit to study obstetrics from conception to delivery! This is the advanced version of our Intro to OB Lab Kit, with even more products than the Basic version! See the growth and development from an embryo to a fetus in detailed life-size models mounted together on a base. Study the stages of birth from a closed cervix all the way to the fetus navigating through the pelvis and delivery of the placenta. Get hands-on practice of identifying birth progress, delivering babies in normal or complicated scenarios, and performing episiotomies of various severities using 3B Scientific simulators. Great for any Obstetrics education class!


3B Birthing Simulator PRO, 1020333 [P90P], Obstetrics

3B Birthing Simulator PRO

1020333 [P90P]
Unit price
$ 1,468.00
3B Birthing Stages Trainer, 1020628 [P94], Obstetrics

3B Birthing Stages Trainer

1020628 [P94]
Unit price
$ 1,423.00
Episiotomy and Suturing Trainer, 1019639 [P95], Obstetrics

Episiotomy and Suturing Trainer

1019639 [P95]
Unit price
$ 325.00
Labor Stages Model, Small - 3B Smart Anatomy, 1001259 [VG393], Pregnancy Models

Labor Stages Model, Small - 3B Smart Anatomy

1001259 [VG393]
Unit price
$ 536.00
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Item No. 8000878 [3011905]
Brand 3B Scientific
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