Labor Delivery Module for use with birthing simulator W45025

Labor Delivery Module for use with birthing simulator W45025, 1005824 [W45151], Options
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Labor delivery modules for use with birthing simulator W45025. The 6 labor stations represent conditions of the cervix and vagina prior to labor, during labor, and at birth in a primigravid woman.

Birthing stations illustrated by labor delivery module are:
  • Station -5: Prior to onset of labor
  • Station -4: Cervix partially effaced
  • Station -3: Cervix fully effaced
  • Station 0: Fetal head at plane of ischial spine
  • Station +2: Cervix nearing full dilation
  • Station +5: Crowning of fetal head Delivered with carrying case
Bring realism to your birthing simulations with the labor delivery module.


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Item No.: 1005824 [W45151]
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Weight 11.14 lb
Dimensions 20.5 x 13.5 x 6.5 in
Brand Gaumard
MPN: S500.4.M
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