Lesser Celandine Flower (Ficaria verna), Model

Lesser Celandine Flower (Ficaria verna), Model, 1017828 [T210171], Dicotyledonous Plant Models
$ 292.00
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Celandine or Pilewort (Ficaria vema)
Enlarged 10x life-size, 1-part
Family: Ranunculaceae

The family of Ranunculaceae depicts an ancient flower structure. Also known as both the buttercup or crowfoot family the number of the flower parts are indefinite, especially the male and female parts. In this case, the flower has 8 petals encased in 3 slim stepals. There are a number of stamina and pistils and the carpels are unfused. Looking down into the model, you can see the pattern of Fibonacci’s sequence in the spiraling pistils. Pilewort/Celandine due to its high Vitamin C content was originally thought to ward off scurvy. 39 cm; 0.4 kg
Item No.: 1017828 [T210171]
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Weight 2.43 lb
Brand 3B Scientific
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