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Play with your food and be a chef-scientist! Our kitchen inspired geek gifts are sure to please. The Pizza Pi Cutter is a geek crowd favorite! Looking for geek gifts for the chemist? Try our best-selling Periodic Beer Glass or the Equal Measure Cup. Need a geek gift a bit more brainy for the doctor in your life? Their perfect gift awaits with the Brain Freeze Ice Tray. Bone Salt & Pepper Shakers are a hit with engineers and Gingerdead Men make the perfect holiday gingerbread cookies- spooky! If dreadful gingerdead men aren't your favorite cookies, try baking with Labcutters- science lab cookie cutters. Just be careful, you don't want to overeat, you might get atomic ache. Shop all our geek gifts and watch that science geek chuckle as they open the perfect gift from you.
Star Wars R2-D2 Silicone Tray, W49387, Mugs and Kitchen
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Star Wars R2-D2 Silicone Tray

$ 8.63 $ 13.00
Item: W49387

Caution Cocktail Shaker, W64040CC, Mugs and Kitchen
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Caution Cocktail Shaker

$ 14.38 $ 15.63
Item: W64040CC

Wine Charms - Set of 8, W64041WC, Mugs and Kitchen
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Wine Charms - Set of 8

$ 4.60 $ 7.00
Item: W64041WC

Bone Chillers Ice Tray, W64516B, Mugs and Kitchen
Clearance -

Bone Chillers Ice Tray

$ 7.50 $ 10.00
Item: W64516B

Fossil Food Cake Molds, W64519D, Mugs and Kitchen
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Fossil Food Cake Molds

$ 8.00 $ 16.00
Item: W64519D

Tooth Piks Party Forks, W64520, Mugs and Kitchen

Tooth Piks Party Forks

$ 10.00
Item: W64520

The Bone Collector Salt & Pepper Shaker, W64540SP, Mugs and Kitchen

The Bone Collector Salt & Pepper Shaker

$ 9.00
Item: W64540SP

The Bone Collector Three Section Server, W64540TSS, Mugs and Kitchen
Clearance -

The Bone Collector Three Section Server

$ 14.38 $ 15.63
Item: W64540TSS

Robo-Oven Robot Oven Mitt, W64703R, Mugs and Kitchen
Clearance -

Robo-Oven Robot Oven Mitt

$ 8.63 $ 9.38
Item: W64703R

Caps Lock Bottle Stoppers, W64791, Mugs and Kitchen
Clearance -

Caps Lock Bottle Stoppers

$ 4.60 $ 7.00
Item: W64791