MyPlate Tear Pads/Place Mats

MyPlate Tear Pads/Place Mats, 1018322 [W44791TPP], Obesity and Eating Disorders Education
MyPlate Tear Pads/Place Mats, 1018322 [W44791TPP], Obesity and Eating Disorders Education
$ 16.95
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The tear pad front shows the MyPlate image with appropriate food choices in each spot on the plate, while the back has simple fill-in-the-blank questions to use as a study guide or reminder for those learning good nutrition. Can be used as a place mat when the group eats a nutritious meal and answers the questions on the back while waiting to be served. Pad of 50 sheets, each 17 x 11".


Item No. 1018322 [W44791TPP]
Weight 1.47 lb
Dimensions 0.0 x 0.0 x 0.0 in
MPN: WA29394
Item No.: 1018322 [W44791TPP]
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