Nursing Kelly, SimPad capable

Nursing Kelly, SimPad capable, 1005243 [W19569], Blood Pressure
Nursing Kelly, SimPad capable, 1005243 [W19569], Blood Pressure
Nursing Kelly, SimPad capable, 1005243 [W19569], Blood Pressure
Nursing Kelly, SimPad capable, 1005243 [W19569], Blood Pressure
Nursing Kelly, SimPad capable, 1005243 [W19569], Blood Pressure

Nursing Kelly, SimPad capable

$ 5,485.00

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Our Nursing Kelly manikin was especially designed for patient care training scenarios and includes a large range of clinical diagnoses. This full body adult male manikin is excellently suited to train beginner hospital healthcare professionals. SimPad Plus System (3009423) Required.

Product benefits:

  • Excellently suited for teaching essential in-hospital skills
  • Includes both pre-programmed scenarios for standard training and for individual demands 
  • Programmable scenarios and real-time monitoring by the instructor enable needs-oriented, individualized training
  • Economical and ideal for learning skills. Scenario-based approach encourages critical thinking skills in learners by allowing students to perform assessments and interventions
  • Durable, rugged and lifelike; made to withstand years of use
  • The training model can be combined with other modules (see Arterial Stick Arm and Wound Care Assessment Set)

Product features:

  • Head with anatomical features, trachea and esophagus together with simulated lungs and stomach allow many procedures, including OG tube, tracheal care and suctioning.
  • Using a standard stethoscope, students can auscultate normal and abnormal cardiac, lung and intestinal sounds 
  • Realistic palpation and auscultation using a blood pressure arm controlled by the instructor. Adjustable systolic and diastolic pressure, auscultatory gap and volume 
  • IV cannulation, drug administration, site care possible in the antecubital area and the dorsum of the hand, with tactile median, basilic, and cephalic veins.
  • Dosed administration of medications via intramuscular injections at the deltoid, gluteal, and lateral thigh muscles.
  • Realistic male and female urinary catheterization
  • Enema procedures can be performed with fluid return.
  • More functions possible in conjunction with SimPad Plus System, with which scenarios can be created, edited and replayed. Pre-programmed scenarios assist the instructor during standard training.
  • Wound modules can be added to create realistic scenarios for wound assessment and care.

Includes: adult male full body manikin, hospital gown, lubricant, assembly tools and instruction manual

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Product Data
Item No. 1005243 [W19569]
Weight 54.78 lb
MPN: 300-05050
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