Optional Video Debriefing Module for REALITi 360 Patient Monitor

Optional Video Debriefing Module for REALITi 360 Patient Monitor, 1022835, Patient Monitor Simulators
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With a built-in camera, the optional REALITi video debriefing module allows wireless streaming of live video recordings, review of video footage and a clear display of vital signs. The video debriefing module provides observers with detailed visual feedback on the scenario in real-time. Observers can view the scenario and the live vital signs of the patient as well as ECG, SpO2 and CO2 waveforms.
The Padcaster video accessory set is your perfect debriefing companion for REALITi patient monitor simulation systems.  All the essential components in Padcaster’s extensive pro video ecosystem are designed for maximum mobility, so you can grab your gear, assemble it on the fly and keep moving.
Video Debriefing Module Features
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Turn video recording on remotely
  • Zoom in and out remotely
  • Display in another room using Apple TV
  • Display vital signs and waveforms
  • Capture events
  • Record all changes and actions
  • Flag events for later review with comments
  • See comments and Emojis from other observers with the Engage App
  • Save videos for later use
Delivery content:
  • Video Feature software
  • Padcaster Studio for iPad 10.2” including:
    • Wide angle camera lens
    • Microphone
  • Camera iPad 10.2” (128GB)
  • Apple TV
  • HDMI Cable
  • Tripod (tabletop)
About the REALITi Engage App:
Easy to use checklist interface for simple student assessment. Add the REALITi Engage App to allow observers to comment, vote and view media.
•            The Checklist interface is completely configurable and easy to use
•            Observers can use the REALITi Engage App on their mobile devices
•            Export a complete report of the simulation for student records

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