Our Environment - Threats and Protection - English

Our Environment - Threats and Protection - English, 1004038 [W13220], English

Our Environment - Threats and Protection - English

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Atlas of 36 OHP Transparencies comprising approx. 74 color pictures, some with several component figures (drawings, diagrams, tables, schemes, landscape photographs and pictures, photomicrographs and macrographs).

The newly curricula of all types of schools provide instruction of the subject complex “Environment - threats to environment - protection of environment”. This transparency atlas offers visual aids to improve this instruction. Typical examples show which processes are changing the natural structure of our environment and how the dangers arising from this can be counteracted.

I. The Landscape
Old cultivation types of the landscape -Monoculture -Man-made landscape -Wooded landscape -Healthy trees -Diseased forest -Distinctive marks of damaged trees -Various degrees of damage to a tree -Natural course of a river -Man-made course of a river -Integration of closed waste disposal site into the landscape, overview picture -do. diagram -Slag heaps -Integration of slag heaps into landscape -Nature reserves -Area for the protection of water -Dam for drinking-water -Animals exterminated in the 20th century -Animals threatened by extinction in the 20th century -Plants exterminated in the 20th century -Plants threatened by extinction.

II. Ground and Water
Quantity of small animals living in the upper layers of soil -Illegal dump of rabbish -Legal dump, general view -Legal dump, detail view -Legal dump, type, diagram -Compostible and not compostible components of garbage -Garbage composting plant -Illegal incineration of rubbish (refuse) -Refuse incineration plant -Introduction of sewage into a river -Oxygen contents after introduction of sewage -Fully biological sewage works -Mechanical stage of sewage works, rake and grit basin -do. preliminary clarifying basin -do. function -Biological stage of sewage works, activated sludge tank, survey -do. activated sludge tank, detail -do. function -do. organisms of activated sludge -do. trickling filter -do. function -Final settling tank -Chemical purification of water -Causes of salting of water -Limits of noxious substances in water -Chemical plant protection -Biological chain of pesticides -Destructive animals and their natural enemies -Pest control by plants -Contamination of environment by heavy metals -Enrichment of toxic heavy metals in the food-chain

III. The Air
The atmosphere -The importance of the ozon layer -Exposure to natural and artificial radiation -Radioactive isotopes, half-life -Radioactive isotopes, main storage organs -Radiosensitivity -Kinds of radiation -Smog -Causes of smog -Effects of smog on humans -Air consumption of humans and motor vehicles -Exhaust fumes of combustion engines -Fluctuations of carbon monoxide content of air -Effect of carbon monoxide on humans -Damage done to plants by polluted air -Damage done to buildings by polluted air -Lichens indicate degree of air pollution -Tobacco smoke and effects to humans -Lung cancer mortality rate of cigarette smokers and non-smokers -Sound levels of various noises -Noise chart of a big city -Effect of noise on humans.
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