PALS Manikin with ECG-Simulator

PALS Manikin with ECG-Simulator, 1005759 [W44608], ALS Newborn
PALS Manikin with ECG-Simulator, 1005759 [W44608], ALS Newborn
PALS Manikin with ECG-Simulator, 1005759 [W44608], ALS Newborn
$ 1,993.95
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This simulator model of a female infant allows the practicing of a wide range of pediatric ALS techniques.

Features of the PALS Manikin include:

• Bag valve mask ventilation
• Oral and nasal intubation including Sellick’s manoeuver
• Placing of NG tube
• Three lead ECG monitoring (16 different arrhythmias with adjustable heart rate)
• Palpation of brachial pulse
• External chest compressions
• Movable jaw
• I.V sites in hand and arm for blood sampling or fluid injection
• Intraosseous needle insertion and aspiration of bone marrow in both legs
• Palpation of scalp vein, cranial sutures and fontanelles

Supplied with carrying bag.

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$ 951.95
Item No.: 1005759 [W44608]
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Product Information
Weight 6.83 lb
Dimensions 22.4 in
Brand Simulaids
MPN: 101-091U / PP00091U / SB32199U
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