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Physics gurus - we're here for you! Have you seen our YouTube videos of some of our stirling engines? The video of the Little Pump Stirling Engine highlights the masterpiece detail of the wide array of stirling engines we offer. The Me and Shrodinger Tee Shirt (available in Men's and Women's fits) is super popular and the Plush Particles, such as the Higgs Boson is a geek gift that's sure to get a giggle.
Strangely Attractive T-Shirt Medium, U49464M, Physics Gifts

Strangely Attractive T-Shirt Medium

$ 8.75 $ 18.00
Item: U49464M

Strangely Attractive T-Shirt Small, U49464S, Physics Gifts

Strangely Attractive T-Shirt Small

$ 8.75 $ 18.00
Item: U49464S

Physics Beach Probability T-Shirt XX-Large, U49466 [U49466XXL], Physics Gifts

Physics Beach Probability T-Shirt XX-Large

$ 1.38 $ 18.00
Item: U49466 [U49466XXL]

Got Maxwell? T-shirt XX-Large, U49467XXL, Physics Gifts

Got Maxwell? T-shirt XX-Large

$ 12.87 $ 18.00
Item: U49467XXL

Alpha = 137 T-shirt
 , U49468, Physics Gifts

Alpha = 137 T-shirt

$ 12.00 $ 18.00
Item: U49468

Alpha = 137 T-shirt Medium, U49468M, Physics Gifts

Alpha = 137 T-shirt Medium

$ 11.85 $ 18.00
Item: U49468M

Koch Snowflake T-Shirt Large, U49470L, Physics Gifts

Koch Snowflake T-Shirt Large

From $ 10.07 $ 18.00
Item: U49470L

Neutron Plush Particle, U49780N, Physics Gifts

Neutron Plush Particle

$ 9.65 $ 10.59
Item: U49780N

Photon Plush Particle, U49780PH, Physics Gifts

Photon Plush Particle

$ 6.90 $ 12.00
Item: U49780PH

Tachyon Plush Particle, U49780T, Physics Gifts

Tachyon Plush Particle

$ 9.65 $ 10.49
Item: U49780T

Me and Schrodinger Men's T-Shirt, W49462SG-ML, Physics Gifts

Me and Schrodinger Men's T-Shirt

From $ 17.00 $ 20.00
Item: W49462SG-ML

Einstein's Ensembles Magnet, W64000, Physics Gifts

Einstein's Ensembles Magnet

$ 8.05 $ 12.00
Item: W64000

Da Vinci Catapult Kit, W64067, Physics Gifts

Da Vinci Catapult Kit

$ 29.99
Item: W64067