Pirani Vacuum Gauge

Pirani Vacuum Gauge, 1012514 [U145051-230], Vacuum Pumps
Pirani Vacuum Gauge, 1012514 [U145051-230], Vacuum Pumps
$ 2,258.00
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An easily programmable desktop device for measurement and control in fine and coarse vacuums using a Pirani vacuum gauge. Includes a clearly arranged membrane keypad, measuring line (2,5 m) and mains cable.
Vacuum connection:                      DN 16 KF
Measuring range:                           1100 – 0,001 hPa
Measurement uncertainty:             < 20% of the display value
Display:                                           Digital LED display in mbar, Pa, psi, torr
Digit height:                                    10 mm
Readout:                                         5 per s
Threshold switch:                           2 x 230 V, 2 A, independently adjustable
Switching accuracy/hysteresis:    ± 1 digit
Permissible overload:                   2 bar absolute
Power consumption:                      max. 15 W
Supply voltage:                               100 / 115 / 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions:                                   90x120x90 mm³ approx.
Weight:                                            0.9 kg approx.


Item No. 1012514 [U145051-230]
Weight 2.65 lb
Brand Gardner Denver Thomas GmbH
Item No.: 1012514 [U145051-230]
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