Postural Analysis Grid Chart The Original 3 x 7 ft.

Postural Analysis Grid Chart The Original 3 x 7 ft., W41170, Body Composition and Measurement

Postural Analysis Grid Chart The Original 3 x 7 ft.

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Postural Analysis Grid Chart

A Postural Analysis Chart is an easy solution for visually documenting your client’s progress.  By establishing a beginning baseline, you can perform a thorough assessment and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Visually demonstrating a client's progress helps you educate and retain clients, get repeat business, and earn more money from insurance companies.

Designed for the structurally based medical therapist: Perform fast accurate postural analysis. Document posture before and after treatments. Quickly determine a treatment plan based on your objective findings.

  • Made of a durable, flexible, white material.
  • Matte (non-glossy) finish to minimize glare.
  • Gridline pattern 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm (.99 in x .99 in).
  • Available in wall or door size.
  • Instructions and checklists printed on the chart.
  • Quick and easy setup, plum line sold separately.

  • Quickly identify asymmetries, imbalances, and restricted range of motion
  • Assess, treat, document and educate patients
  • Take before and after photos
  • No software to purchase, install, learn or upgrade


Product Data
Item No. W41170
Weight 3 lb
Brand Kent Health Systems
MPN: 00401
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