Posture Pump ® Deluxe Full-Spine

Posture Pump ® Deluxe Full-Spine, W99968, Lumbar Traction Devices
$ 325.00
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Posture Pump ® gradually lifts, stretches and separates the neck and back joints into their proper curved shape. As the spine is stretched and curved over uniquely angled air cells, compression is removed from the discs and nutrient-rich fluid can now be absorbed.

• Combines both Neck & Back Exercisers into one. Leatherette comfort pad attaches both exercisers and conveniently folds and locks together for easy travel. The leatherette comfort pad is designed to stretch and fit all body types, so it will fit any length spine.  Adjusting the unit to fit your spine: with knees bent, you just simply place the lumbar section of the unit under the lumbar region, lie back, and place the cervical section under the cervical region.

• A must have for sufferers of Neck and Back stiffness and discomfort
• Decreases Cervical Disc Bulging
• Relieves Painful Neck and Low Back Stiffness, Headaches and Fatigue
• Shapes & Restores Healthy Cervical and Lumbar Curves
• Decompresses and Hydrates Discs in Neck and Low Back Regions
• Reduces & Corrects Forward Head & Neck Posture
• Built-in Rocking Mechanism Exercises Abdominal Muscles (strengthens core) while shaping & strengthening the lower Back
• Improves Flexibility and Ranges of Motion
• Lightweight, Easy to Operate & Travel With (weighs 6 lbs.)
• Made in the USA & Built to Last

Full spine model includes:
*New Comfort Visor, which gently molds to the shape of the forehead (no chin or jaw contact)
*Single EED® air cell* decompresses and hydrates cervical discs, while shaping & restoring the cervical (neck) curve at moderate pressure levels for comfortable, corrective deep relief.
*Two opposing air cells in the lower back
*Leatherette comfort pad (which attaches the neck and back units)
*3 pumps: 1 cervical pump to fill the cervical air cell with air, and 2 pumps for the lumbar region—one pump for each section.

Item No.: W99968
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