Roller Ice Bullet

Roller Ice Bullet, W41110, Massage Tools
Roller Ice Bullet, W41110, Massage Tools
$ 53.51
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The solid stainless steel trigger point of the Roller Ice Bullet adds weight and is internally drilled to allow the cold or hot to penetrate deep into the tool, providing extremely effective hot or cold therapy. Its great for trigger point therapy, stays cold for up to an hour, and the easy to grip bulb is comfortable to hold for the therapist. To cool just place in the freezer until frozen or cooled to desired temperature. To heat the Roller Ice place it in boiling water until desired temperature is reached. As always, please take the necessary caution when handling very hot or cold items.

"Roller Ice provides and excellent tool to combine Trigger Point Therapy with Cold Therapy. It is also comfortable to hold and therapeutic for my hands.  - L. B. FL


Item No. W41110
MPN: Roller Ice bullet
Item No.: W41110
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