Smokey Sue - “The Dangers of Smoking”

Smokey Sue - “The Dangers of Smoking”, 1005565 [W43010], Tobacco Education
Smokey Sue - “The Dangers of Smoking”, 1005565 [W43010], Tobacco Education
$ 152.00
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Smokey Sue dramatically demonstrates the quantity of tar collected in the lungs when a single cigarette is smoked. The tar, normally inhaled directly into the lungs, is collected in a transparent tube, and thus shows the quantity of tar which reaches the lungs with each cigarette very clearly. Delivered with stand, 3 collection tubes, and carrying bag.
Dimensions: approx. 15x35.5x16.5 cm³
Weight:          approx. 1.15 kg
Item No.: 1005565 [W43010]
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Product Information
Weight 2.54 lb
Dimensions 5.9 x 14.0 x 6.5 in
Brand WRS
MPN: 79206
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