Set "Principles of the Solar Thermal Collector"

Set "Principles of the Solar Thermal Collector"

$ 249.00

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Set of equipment including four test bodies with different surface coating, heat insulators, and covers for experiments on the utilisation of solar energy. Four series of measurements that can be completed in approximately 25 minutes elucidate the temperature characteristics and peaks of the test bodies when exposed to sunlight. The kit comes in a robust storage case with capacity of 36.5 x 31.0 x 7.0 cm and weight of 1 kg.

4 Solar measuring bodies
2 Insulating housings
2 Mounts for the measuring bodies
1 Transparent acrylic plate
4 Thermometers, -10 – +110° C
Halogen Lamp 500 W (230 V, 50/60 Hz), 1000894 [U8476713-230], Solar Energy
$ 64.00
Product Data
Item No. 1000839 [U8461200]
Weight 1.32 lb
Dimensions 14.6 x 11.5 x 3.2 in
Brand 3B Scientific
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