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Quality apparatus to study forces and the resolution of forces. Demonstrate the law of the levers and perform experiments on equilibrium using the 3B Scientific Lever. The high quality Student Force Table is a complete set to study equilibrium featuring: dual scale to take readings either clockwise or counterclockwise, 3 complete weight sets, pulleys and clamps, lightweight durable table top, and sturdy cast iron support that allows both ease of use and accuracy.

Whether you choose the Economy Blackboard Mechanics Set or the Deluxe version, you’ll be set up in minutes to perform over 30 dramatic demonstrations. Introduce the concepts of mechanical work, power and energy with the Pulley, Block and Tackle Experiment Set.
Deluxe Inclined Plane, 1003213 [U30015], Statics

Deluxe Inclined Plane

$ 204.00
Item: 1003213 [U30015]

Force Table, 1000694 [U52004], Statics

Force Table

$ 461.00
Item: 1000694 [U52004]

Extra Pulley, 1000699 [U52011], Statics

Extra Pulley

$ 118.00
Item: 1000699 [U52011]

Centre-of-Gravity Plate, 1008513 [U8409270], Statics

Centre-of-Gravity Plate

$ 28.00
Item: 1008513 [U8409270]

Universal Spirit Level, 250 mm, 1002604 [U10074], Statics

Universal Spirit Level, 250 mm

$ 37.00
Item: 1002604 [U10074]

Set of 6 Steel Balls, 1002939 [U15014], Statics

Set of 6 Steel Balls

$ 49.00
Item: 1002939 [U15014]

Plumb with Line, 1002940 [U15015], Statics

Plumb with Line

$ 28.00
Item: 1002940 [U15015]

Stability Apparatus, 1002950 [U15033], Statics

Stability Apparatus

$ 94.00
Item: 1002950 [U15033]

Wheel on axle, U40840, Statics

Wheel on axle

$ 8.00
Item: U40840

Economy Lever, U49519, Statics

Economy Lever

$ 36.00
Item: U49519

Dynamometer with Round Dial, 1 N, 1009738 [U8402501], Statics

Dynamometer with Round Dial, 1 N

$ 71.00
Item: 1009738 [U8402501]

Dynamometer with Round Dial, 2 N, 1009739 [U8402502], Statics

Dynamometer with Round Dial, 2 N

$ 55.00
Item: 1009739 [U8402502]

Dynamometer with Round Dial, 5 N, 1009740 [U8402505], Statics

Dynamometer with Round Dial, 5 N

$ 55.00
Item: 1009740 [U8402505]

Dynamometer with Round Dial, 10 N, 1009741 [U8402510], Statics

Dynamometer with Round Dial, 10 N

$ 71.00
Item: 1009741 [U8402510]