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Stone Massage is one of the most popular modalities in the industry. We offer the leading brands of stone warmers,popular sizes of hot and cold stones including Chakra Stones and Massages Oils.
Accu-Roller Single Stone, 3009224, Stone Massage

Accu-Roller Single Stone

$ 129.00 $ 149.99
Item: 3009224

Accu-Roller Double Stone, 3009225, Stone Massage

Accu-Roller Double Stone

$ 179.00 $ 199.99
Item: 3009225

Accu-Stick, 3009226, Stone Massage


$ 49.95 $ 59.95
Item: 3009226

50pc Hot Stone Set, W41112H, Stone Massage

50pc Hot Stone Set

$ 101.00
Item: W41112H

Digital Professional Stone Heater, 18QT, W4112W18, Stone Massage

Digital Professional Stone Heater, 18QT

$ 91.00
Item: W4112W18

Hot Stone Massage Therapy, 16 CEU's, W60660HS, Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Therapy, 16 CEU's

$ 160.00
Item: W60660HS

Stone Facial DVD, W60670SF, Stone Massage

Stone Facial DVD

$ 52.50
Item: W60670SF