Supplementary Kit for Rotating System on Air Bed

Supplementary Kit for Rotating System on Air Bed, 1000783 [U8405690], Rotational Motion
$ 349.00
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Supplementary kit for the rotating system on air bed U8405680 for investigating frictionless rotational motion and oscillations using a large rotating disc. On the underside of the large disc is an angle grid that can be used to provide triggers to a U8533380 laser reflection sensor if the rotation is to be recorded with the help of the 3B NETlog™ interface unit.
Typical oscillation periods: 20 s approx. to 2 mins approx.
Moment of inertia of large disc: 2.2 g m² approx.

1 Large disc with protractor scale, 350 mm
1 Scaffold stand
1 Cross sleeve
1 Set of coupling springs with magnet (1 N, 2 N, 5 N)


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Item No.: 1000783 [U8405690]
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Weight 3.49 lb
Brand 3B Scientific
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