T5 Large 240V

T5 Large 240V, 1020091 [W44908], Laparoscopy
T5 Large 240V, 1020091 [W44908], Laparoscopy
T5 Large 240V, 1020091 [W44908], Laparoscopy
T5 Large 240V, 1020091 [W44908], Laparoscopy
T5 Large 240V, 1020091 [W44908], Laparoscopy

T5 Large 240V

$ 2,835.00

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The T5 Large is a complete minimally invasive training system that does not require additional video or computer equipment. It is easy to set up and portable.

The T5 includes a large pelvic work area, High-Definition, 1080p SimScope (camera) and a 12″ high-resolution monitor. The SimScope telescopes, rotates, and is available in 0° and 30° versions.

The T5 is versatile as it can be used for basic individual laparoscopic skills through advanced procedural team training including camera navigation. Residents may practice on the T5 MITS to acquire the skills incorporated into the FLS modules. The work area has 14 laparoscopic ports in which the SimScope or instruments can be utilized. The 5 and 10mm grommets are interchangeable and interior lighting is provided. A handle is located on the back to facilitate portability. No assembly is required.
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Product Data
Item No. 1020091 [W44908]
Weight 14 lb
Dimensions 20.5 x 13 x 11.5 in
Brand 3-Dmed
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