Tachyon Plush Particle

Tachyon Plush Particle, U49780T, Plush Particles
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These handmade subatomic plush particles make great gifts for science enthusiasts or the sci-fi fanatic! Each particle is stuffed with different materials to convey the differences in weight.

The Tachyon is any hypothetical particle that travels faster than light. Tossing causality and relativity aside, this superluminal, devious little guy arrives before he left and leaves the photon in the dust. Einstein told us that nothing can exceed the speed of light, but the Tachyon tells us it would take infinite energy to slow him down to the speed of light, his mass is imaginary and he accelerates as he loses energy. Acrylic felt/fleece with poly fill for negative mass. Acrylic felt/fleece with poly fill for negative mass. Approximately .9 oz/28 grams; 7.5 inches/19 cm across.



Item No. U49780T
Brand The Particle Zoo
MPN: Tachyon
Item No.: U49780T
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