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Quantum physics is the base for many cutting edge science fields (e.g. nanotechnology, quantum optics, synthetic biology), but basic principles can be difficult to conceptualize. 3B Scientific's Teltron® products put nuclei and quanta at the fingertips of students, allowing them to visualize in real-time the often unseen wonders of this part of our physical world.
Deflection Tube D, 1000651 [U19155], Teltron® Tubes

Deflection Tube D

$ 1,440.00
Item: 1000651 [U19155]

Triode D, Helium-filled, 1000653 [U19157], Teltron® Tubes

Triode D, Helium-filled

$ 842.00
Item: 1000653 [U19157]

Dual Beam Tube D, 1000654 [U19170], Teltron® Tubes

Dual Beam Tube D

$ 1,259.00
Item: 1000654 [U19170]

Electron Diffraction Tube D, 1013885 [U191711], Teltron® Tubes

Electron Diffraction Tube D

$ 1,457.00
Item: 1013885 [U191711]

Geiger-Müller Tube T, 1000661 [U19201], Teltron® Tubes

Geiger-Müller Tube T

$ 457.00
Item: 1000661 [U19201]