The Blue Marble vinyl Periodic Table

The Blue Marble vinyl Periodic Table, W55762D, Periodic Table
The Blue Marble vinyl Periodic Table, W55762D, Periodic Table
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This periodic table is vinyl and huge! Go ahead, just try and tear it, this periodic table is almost as indestructible as the elements themselves.  PLUS it's two posters in one.  We took our most popular poster (Creating a Universe Periodic Chart) and printed another periodic chart (Blue Marble Periodic Chart) on the back side with 103 gorgeous color photos of the minerals that provide the elements we use.  If that wasn't enough - we reduced the price on this amazinb Periodic table! This unique periodic table makes a great addition to any classroom or a present for a science enthusiast!

Dimensions 36" x 54"

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Item No. W55762D
MPN: Folded2SidedVinyl
Item No.: W55762D
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