Thin Sections, Sedimentary Rocks

Thin Sections, Sedimentary Rocks, 1018500 [W13152], Petrography
Thin Sections, Sedimentary Rocks, 1018500 [W13152], Petrography

Thin Sections, Sedimentary Rocks

$ 1,249.00

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22 Microscope Slides size 30 x 45 mm2, without box.

Contents: arkose, chalk, coal, gypsum, limestone with alveolina, limestone with asphalt, fossilized limestone, limestone with crinoid stem, glauconitic limestone, limestone with globotruncana (maestrichtien), limestone with globigerinina (paleocene), limestone with miliolidae, limestone with nummulitidae, limestone with ooids, limestone with polyp, limestone with iron ooids, limestone with intraclasts, oil shale, sandstone, calcareous sandstone, slate, travertine
Product Data
Item No. 1018500 [W13152]
Weight 0.66 lb
Dimensions 3.5 x 1.8 x 2.2 in
Brand Joh. LIEDER GmbH & Co.
MPN: 7970-EN
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