Tiger Tail, The Grippy Strips

Tiger Tail, The Grippy Strips, 3012965, Massage Tools
Tiger Tail, The Grippy Strips, 3012965, Massage Tools
$ 22.50
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Grippy Strips are non-slip skin rolling strips that allows users to trap and gently massage muscle knots and fascia. Skin rolling and fascia stretching is a form of myofascial release. Grippy Strips help release sticky adhesions in the tight fascia and encourage it to become unrestricted to glide over muscle tissue.

By using the strips, a muscle knot gets trapped between fingers and thumb, enabling gentle compression of the fascia and muscle knot to release. Skin Rolling can also help to decrease pain and swelling, improve lymphatic flow and nerve function, restore mobility and help with posture. Works great on areas of the body that are recovering from trauma, infection, or surgery, or areas of the body that experience loss of flexibility, limited mobility, or in pain.

Available in packages of 5. Skin rolling may also be effective at breaking down scar tissue. Users may also experience a therapeutic effect while soothing stress and tension. After rolling, areas that were released may turn red and release heat. This is a good response. Grippy Strips are reusable and easy to clean with an anti-bacterial cleaner. Because Grippy Strips are so small less than 4" tall  they're easy to store or take on the go.
Item No.: 3012965
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Product Information
Weight 0.05 lb
Dimensions 3.75 x 2.5 x 0.25 in
Brand Tiger Tail
MPN: 14-1276
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