Uriel Lumbar Sacral Air Belt, XX-Large

Uriel Lumbar Sacral Air Belt, XX-Large, 3009892, Neck and Trunk
$ 115.00
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Alleviated tension on the spine, by controlling abdominal sag. 4 flexible stays, positioned vertically along-side the spine, conform to the lower back. Velcro fasteners allow adjustable compression for firm support. Provides maximum support for strained, sprained and aching back. Relieves lower back pain due to injury or strenuous activity by reducing strain. Compression effect around the lower back and abdomen. Reinforces lumbar and lumbo-sacral areas. Promotes good posture. Lumbar Sacral Air Belt, XX-Large


Item No. 3009892
Weight 3 lb
Dimensions 0 x 0 x 0 in
MPN: 24-9225
Item No.: 3009892
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