Val-u-Band, latex-free, 6 yard - 5 pc set 1 ea peach-plum

Val-u-Band, latex-free, 6 yard - 5 pc set 1 ea peach-plum, 1018009 [W72005], Exercise Bands
$ 52.50

Val-u-Band Color:

Product in Peach [Level 1/7] - X-light Product in Orange [Level 2/7] - light Product in Lime [Level 3/7] - medium Product in Blueberry [Level 4/7] - heavy Product in Plum [Level 5/7] - X-heavy Product in Set of 5 [Level 1-5] - Peach - Plum


6 yard
50 yard
More on the way
Val-u-Band is the economic alternative to the traditional color-code sequence, and the darker the color of the band, the more resistance it provides. These bands offer the same great quality as CanDo® and Thera-Band® exercise bands while stretching your budget. 50 yard bands are great for high-traffic clinics that want to purchase in bulk, and 6 yard rolls provide convenience to those who want to exercise at home.


Item No. 1018009 [W72005]
Weight 6.94 lb
Dimensions 15.4 x 5.9 x 3.1 in
Brand Val-u-Band
MPN: 10-6118
Item No.: 1018009 [W72005]
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