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Adult CPR Manikin with Electronics

Adult CPR Manikin with Electronics, 1005738 [W44556], BLS Adult

Adult CPR Manikin with Electronics

$ 1,542.65

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This full-size manikin allows the training of BLS rescue techniques and CPR. The resiliency and weight of the body is very realistic.

Features include:
• Natural resistance to chest compression
• Palpable carotid pulse
• Anatomical landmarks such as sternum, ribcage and sub-sternal notch
• Airway ball valve which allows the lungs to inflate only if the head is extended and accurately positioned
• Light controller which confirms correct hand placement, ventilation volume and compression depth
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Product Data
Item No. 1005738 [W44556]
Weight 41.12 lb
Dimensions 65.0 in
MPN: 100-2725EXPORTU / PP02725EXU / SB32367U
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