Cerebrospinal Fluid Circulation

Cerebrospinal Fluid Circulation, 1005114 [W19027], Brain Models
Cerebrospinal Fluid Circulation, 1005114 [W19027], Brain Models
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Enlarged, detailed model of a section through the right half of the brain showing the cut pia mater, arachnoid and dura mater. The brain model has the cerebrospinal fluid areas clearly identified and the direction of flow indicated by arrows. Bright colors to distinguish important features in human brain; identified in English in an accompanying key card. The brain comes mounted on stand.


Item No. 1005114 [W19027]
Weight 1.90 lb
Dimensions 9.8 x 7.1 x 4.7 in
MPN: ZKH-268-B
Item No.: 1005114 [W19027]
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