Cervical Exam and Pap Smear Test Trainer

Cervical Exam and Pap Smear Test Trainer, 1018643, Gynecology
$ 340.95
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The Pap test is the most frequently performed cancer screening test in the world. It is essential for women’s healthcare practitioners to achieve competence in this vital but highly sensitive procedure.
With the Life/form® Cervical Exam and Pap Test Trainer, students can practice external and internal examinations, speculum insertion, and cytological sampling techniques on a simulator that is incredibly realistic and easy to use. Ideal for patient education and simulation scenarios. Includes external genital pad, vagina, seven-piece cervix set in plastic case, support blocks, baby powder, methyl cellulose, blood packet, syringe, lubricant, and instruction manual. Speculum and cytological sampling equipment not included.
  • Compact size for easy setup, storage, and transport
  • Disassembles completely for easy cleaning
  • Extra-soft material and lifelike detail give extremely realistic training experience
  • Fraction of the cost of a full-size simulator • Includes materials for making realistic body fluids and secretions
  • Modular design offers quick change-out for different scenarios
  • Movable cervix
  • Seven cervical conditions: normal, early pregnancy, polyp, early cancer, late cancer, inflammation, and dysplasia
Item No.: 1018643
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Product Information
Weight 5.5 lb
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 6 in
Brand Life/form
MPN: LF01230U
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