Classroom Infrared Emitter™

Classroom Infrared Emitter™, 1021982, Options
Classroom Infrared Emitter™, 1021982, Options
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The Classroom Infrared Emitter is designed to provide simultaneous listening for a classroom or simulation lab full of students. Many institutions find value in utilizing the Classroom Infrared Emitter™ with high-priced manikins and simulators, allowing students greater interaction and understanding of the sounds.

The Classroom Infrared Emitter™ is often used with SAM 3G®, SAM II®, PAT® or any other high-fidelity manikin with an audio output. The Classroom Infrared Emitter™ transmits auscultation sounds from the manikin into the Heartman® Infrared Headphones via infrared technology. Up to 30 listeners can wear the Heartman® Infrared Headphones and hear the auscultation sounds as if through a standard stethoscope, providing a realistic auscultation experience.


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Item No.: 1021982
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