Coulombmeter with Rechargeable Battery

Coulombmeter with Rechargeable Battery, 1017734 [U8498303], Advanced Student Experiments
$ 315.00
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Coulombmeter for measuring the flow of current when storing energy in a rechargeable battery. Charge or consumption can be displayed by means of a voltmeter. Depending on the measuring range selected, 1 V on the voltmeter corresponds to either 0.1, 1 or 10 ampere seconds (As).

Measuring ranges:                 1/10/100 As (max. measurable charge ±499 As)
Power supply:                          9 V rechargeable battery via DC co-axial power socket
Load current: max. 500 mA
Charging current for battery: max. 50 mA
External power source:          Solar panel or DC power supply (max. 12 V DC) with current limiting to 50 mA when there is no load on the coulombmeter
Connectors:  4-mm safety sockets
Dimensions: 105 x 75 x 35 mm3 approx.
Weight:          200 g including rechargeable battery and housing

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Item No.: 1017734 [U8498303]
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Brand 3B Scientific
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