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Cupping glasses are commonly used along with acupuncture therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cupping therapy is a form of local suction massage used on the skin to increase blood flow and promote healing.

Suction is created in the Cupping Glasses by using heat or mechanical devices forming an air tight seal. This action pulls in the soft tissue and draws blood into the area and thus is supposed to release tension of soft tissue (for example resulting from deep scars) and muscles.

Cupping massage is commonly used in therapies in sports and alternative therapies and lately has been promoted by athletes (leaving visible signs of red circles  on the skin for a short period of time) in the current  competitions in Rio, Brasil.
TDP Far-Infrared therapy lamp, 3012089, Cupping Glasses
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TDP Far-Infrared therapy lamp

$ 149.00
Item: 3012089

Pistol Hand Pump Cupping Set, W70095, Cupping Glasses
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Pistol Hand Pump Cupping Set

$ 45.00 $ 65.00
Item: W70095

Premium Plastic Cupping With Magnets, 3009418, Cupping Glasses

Premium Plastic Cupping With Magnets

$ 50.00
Item: 3009418

Hansol Bu-Hang Cupping Set, 3009419, Cupping Glasses

Hansol Bu-Hang Cupping Set

$ 38.00
Item: 3009419

Fire Glass Cupping Set, W53126, Cupping Glasses

Fire Glass Cupping Set

$ 12.00
Item: W53126

Finnish Style Cupping Set, 4 Piece, W53126FC4, Cupping Glasses

Finnish Style Cupping Set, 4 Piece

$ 29.00
Item: W53126FC4

Color Glass Cupping Set, 4 pieces, W53126GC, Cupping Glasses

Color Glass Cupping Set, 4 pieces

$ 40.00
Item: W53126GC

Glass Cupping Set with Rubber Bulbs, W53126GR, Cupping Glasses

Glass Cupping Set with Rubber Bulbs

$ 36.00
Item: W53126GR

Plastic Cupping Set with Magnets - 24pc, W53127, Cupping Glasses

Plastic Cupping Set with Magnets - 24pc

$ 37.00
Item: W53127