Laboratory Microscope BS-200

Laboratory Microscope BS-200, 1005455 [W30690], Microscopes
Laboratory Microscope BS-200, 1005455 [W30690], Microscopes

Laboratory Microscope BS-200

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The laboratory Microscope BS-200 is intended for exacting analysis using bright-field transmitted light. Its ergonomic design allows for lengthy periods of use without tiring. The high-quality infinite optical system guarantees excellent image quality.

Stand: Robust, all metal stand with arm permanently connected to the base. Focussing by means of separate knobs for coarse and fine adjustment located on either side of the stand and operated by rack and pinion drive with ball bearings and retaining lever, adjustable stopper for protecting the object slides and objective
Tube: Binocular at 30° angle, rotatable through 360°, viewing distance adjustable between 50 and 76 mm, ±5 dioptric compensation for both eyepieces
Eyepiece: Pair of eyepieces PL10x 18 mm with infinite optics and “high eye point”
Objectives: Inverted objective revolver with plan achromatic infinite objectives 4x, 10x, 40xS und 100xS Oil
Magnification: 40x, 100x, 400x, 1000x
Object stage: x-y cross table, 150 x 140 mm2, with object guide and coaxial adjustment knobs perpendicular to the object stage, adjustment range 50 x 76 mm2
Illumination: Adjustable 6 V, 20 W halogen lamp, built-in transformer for 90 to 240 V mains voltage
Condenser: Condenser NA1.25, iris diaphragm, focussed via rack and pinion drive
Dimensions: 320 x 200 x 400 mm³ approx.
Weight: 6.7 kg approx.
Accessories: Complete with dust cover
Product Data
Item No. 1005455 [W30690]
Weight 26.45 lb
Brand 3B Scientific
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