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pH Sensor, 1021480 [UCMA-BT61i], Sensors for Chemistry
$ 99.00
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The pH sensor BT61i is a general-purpose pH measurement system that allows measuring the degree of acidity/pH value. The sensor consists of a pH amplifier and pH electrode. The pH electrode is not delivered with the pH sensor and has to be purchased separately (order number B-1021481).

Range: 0 ... 14 pH
Resolution (12-bit): 0.005 pH

Can be used to:
• Measure pH values of different acids and bases,
• Monitor pH in acid-base titration experiments,
• Monitor pH during chemical reactions,
• Investigate of water quality in streams and lakes


Item No. 1021480 [UCMA-BT61i]
Weight 0.20 lb
Dimensions 0.1 x 0.0 x 0.0 in


$ 9.00
Item No.: 1021480 [UCMA-BT61i]
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