Pohl's Torsion Pendulum

Pohl's Torsion Pendulum, 1002956 [U15040], Oscillations
Pohl's Torsion Pendulum, 1002956 [U15040], Oscillations
$ 1,275.00
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Experiment topics:

• Free rotary oscillations at various degrees of damping (oscillations with moderate damping, aperiodic oscillations and aperiodic borderline case)
• Forced oscillations and their resonance curves at various degrees of damping
• Phase displacement between the exciter and resonator during resonance
• Chaotic rotary oscillations

For investigating free, forced and chaotic oscillations at various degrees of damping.
With slotted scale ring and pointers on resonator and exciter.
An electric motor is included for exciting forced oscillations. It features coarse and fine speed adjustment and is coupled via an eccentric wheel. For damping, an electromagnetic eddy brake is used.
The equipment can also be used in demonstrations involving projection of shadows.
Natural frequency: approx. 0.5 Hz.
Excitation frequency: 0 to 1.3 Hz
Connectors: 4-mm safety sockets
Motor: max. 24 V AC/DC, 0.7 A
Eddy brake: 0 to 2 A DC, 20 V
Scale ring: 300 mm dia.
Dimensions: 400x140x270 mm³
Weight: 4 kg
Item No.: 1002956 [U15040]
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