Premium Franck-Hertz Experiment Heater (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

Premium Franck-Hertz Experiment Heater (230 V, 50/60 Hz), 1006795 [U8482550-230], Franck-Hertz Experiment
$ 2,610.00
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Highly evacuated electron tube containing mercury in a heating chamber for demonstrating the discrete nature (quantization) of the energy released by free electrons in collisions with mercury atoms, and for determining the excitation energy of the mercury resonance line (61S0 – 63P1), which is 4.9 eV. The electron tube must be heated in the chamber to generate the necessary mercury vapour pressure to achieve a sufficiently high probability of collisions between electrons and mercury atoms. Electron tube with a plane parallel electrode system consisting of an indirectly heated oxide cathode with aperture, a grid and a collecting electrode. Front plate with printed tube symbol visible from a distance. Electric heating chamber with continuous temperature control and digital temperature display showing actual and set-point temperatures. In lacquered metal housing with two observation windows, opening with spring clip for thermometer, and thermally insulated carrying handle. Temperature measurement and control is handled by an integrated microcontroller and a Pt100 thermocouple.

  • Heater voltage: 4 − 12 V
  • Grid voltage: 0 − 70 V
  • Suppressor voltage: 1.5 V approx.
  • Tube dimensions: 130 mm x 26 mm dia. approx.
  • Heater output: 400 W
  • Temperature range: 160° − 240°C
  • Temperature constancy: ±1°C approx.
  • Overall dimensions: 335x180x165 mm³ approx.
  • Weight: 5.6 kg approx.


Item No. 1006795 [U8482550-230]
Weight 12.41 lb
Brand 3B Scientific


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Replacement Parts

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Item No.: 1006795 [U8482550-230]
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