Teslameter E

Teslameter E, 1008537 [U8533982], Magnetic Fields
Hand-held meter for measuring magnetic flux density or magnetic field strength in conjunction with an Axial/Tangential Field Sensor or a Flexible Magnetic Field Sensor. The measurements are shown on a digital display and also converted into equivalent voltage outputs, which can be accessed from the analog output connection.

  • LCD display: 3½-digit, 10 mm high
  • Power supply: Rechargeable 9-V block battery providing about 20 hours of operation
  • Sensor connection: DIN socket
  • Offset compensation: ±0.150 mT
  • Measuring modes:
    • C-B Flux B of uniform fields
    • AC-B Flux B of alternating fields (1 Hz … 10 kHz)
    • AC-H Field strength H of alternating fields (1 Hz … 10 kHz)
  • Measuring ranges:
    • Flux B: ±2.000/±20.00/±200.0/±2000 mT
    • Field strength H: ±2.000/±20.00/±200.0/±2000 A/m
  • Analog output:
    • Connector: 4-mm socket
    • Range: 0 … ±2 V


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Item No.: 1008537 [U8533982]
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