Tiger Tail, Knotty Dots

Tiger Tail, Knotty Dots, 3012963, Massage Tools
Tiger Tail, Knotty Dots, 3012963, Massage Tools
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Knotty Dots give you the sensation of an acupressure massage. They stimulate the trigger points and muscles, like acupuncture without the needle, and are held in place with Tiger Tape patches which allow for constant pressure on knots and trigger points.

Knotty Dots provide active and passive pressure point treatment, help relieve sore muscles, assist in muscle recovery and targeted trigger point release. They give users the feeling of enjoying an acupressure or thumb/finger pressure massage. Beneficial for all who carry stress and tension in their head, neck, back, shoulders, arm, elbow, knee, shin, calf and other small muscles.

Each package comes complete with 8 Knotty Dots, 16 Tiger Tape Patches and 1 Self-Help Guide, which illustrates the ideal Dot placement based on location of knots and aches. Because Knotty Dots work like a thumb tool, pressure may be added while adhered to skin. Knotty Dots can be used repeatedly by peeling from used tape and applying again with a new tape square. Knotty Dots and Tiger Tape are so small, it's easy to take massage relief on the go.
Item No.: 3012963
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Product Information
Weight 0.25 lb
Dimensions 11 x 6 x 1 in
Brand Tiger Tail
MPN: 14-1275
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