Ultrasonic Doppler Control Unit

Ultrasonic Doppler Control Unit, 1002571 [U10001], Ultrasound
Ultrasonic Doppler Control Unit, 1002571 [U10001], Ultrasound
$ 7,942.00
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Control unit for conducting ultrasonic Doppler experiments. Includes measurement and evaluation software for Windows operating system. If the radiated waves are reflected or scattered from moving particles or bubbles in fluid flow, the Doppler shift in frequency can be detected. The equipment detects the scattered waves and generates an audio signal at a volume that reflects the amplitude of the reflected signal and a frequency that reflects the speed of the scattering. At the same time, the amplitude is also displayed on an LED bar display. Sensitivity and volume can be adjusted by means of appropriate controls. The controller can also pass on data to a PC for detailed recording and evaluation. During measurement the current LF Doppler signal is displayed. Evaluation is by means of a Fourier transformation in the frequency domain and the result can be interpreted as the distribution of velocity within the flow.

  • Frequency: 1, 2, & 4 MHz
  • Gain: 10 – 40 dB
  • Display: LED bar display and acoustic signal with volume control
  • PC connector: USB
  • Mains voltage: 90 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: approx. 256x185x160 mm³


$ 2,677.00
$ 108.00
$ 1,521.00
$ 1,162.00
Item No.: 1002571 [U10001]
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Weight 11.02 lb
Brand 3B Scientific
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