ValuTrode X Cloth Electrodes 2in. Round Case of 40

ValuTrode X Cloth Electrodes 2in. Round Case of 40, W53800, Electrotherapy Electrodes
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The New Standard in Electrode Design, Feel the Difference

Axelgaard has combined years of scientific research with advanced manufacturing technology to create a bold new electrode, ValuTrode X.

ValuTrode X Patented Neurostimulation Electrodes - The new standard in carbon film electrode design is the clinician's choice:
  • Oversized border to facilitate proper and easy removal,extending the life of the electrode
  • Optimized skin adhesion during therapy for better patient comfort
ValuTrode X Electrodes are made with patented MultiStick Hydrogel - a proven gel featuring uncompromised adhesion, performance and longevity. With its patented dual layer adhesive technology, MultiStick hydrogel provides optimal bonding to the electrodes and to the skin.
Item No.: W53800
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Brand Axelgaard
MPN: VTX5000
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