Vibrating Atoms Model Kit

Vibrating Atoms Model Kit, 3011863, Atomic models
Vibrating Atoms Model Kit, 3011863, Atomic models
$ 32.00
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Vibrating Atoms Model Kit (27 spheres & 54 metal springs)

This self assembly kit comprises 27 atoms represented by white spheres and 54 metal springs, and is designed to make a 9 x 9 x 9 cubic model of the atoms in a solid. It is capable of demonstrating that solids are made from extended yet closely packed repeatable units that may vibrate in position but do not change their relative locations (MS-PS1-1).

It may also be used to demonstrate how the atoms vibrate with changing temperatures. It is recommended that once assembled, that this model is kept preassembled.


Item No. 3011863
Brand Molymod
Item No.: 3011863
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